My husband and his butt crack

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My husband and his butt crack
My husband is a big guy, 6’1ish and about 320. He wants to lose weight, and is capable of it (he and I both struggle with weight and have fluctuated through our relationship). But, he needs some pants that will stop showing his butt crack in the meantime!He has this problem in ALL pants, even sweats/athletic shorts. Whenever he stands up, butt crack is visible. For work in his casual office, he wears khakis or black pants with belts, and untucked polos, maybe a sweater or button-down here or there. When he tucks in his shirt for a nicer outfit, one of his two professionally tailored suits, or even a rented tux at a wedding, it seems to rapidly and repeatedly come untucked.The problem is the worst in jeans. I buy him big and tall shirts in a 2XLT, which fit him well, but they still aren’t long enough to provide the needed concealment when he stands up and the jeans expose the butt crack. Undershirts simply come untucked immediately. I feel badly because I’m constantly saying “butt crack” to remind him to pull his pants up when it’s just the two of us at home, or whispering reminders when we aren’t at home, but it’s embarrassing when others are around, and I want him to be aware of it so he can pay closer attention and preemptively pull his damn pants up!He wears a 44×30 in the Lucky jeans he currently has, though his dress pants (Van Heusen from Macy’s big and tall) are a 48. Problem occurs in all the pants. All of the pants look like they fit well, and are comfortable. I think if he wore his pants higher, just below his belly button, in a larger size, it would maybe solve the problem sometimes but be quite unflattering because of how the pants would cut across his stomach. I’ve mentioned this, but he’s not open to that look, anyway, which I get…..but I don’t know how to help.Advice? Brands/cuts of jeans to try from guys who have experienced this? I want to stop shouting “butt crack” across the room at my husband in my attempt to get him to remember to pull his ill-fitting pants up……Thank you!
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