[Unboxing] Taft Clothing Suede Chelsea Boots

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[Unboxing] Taft Clothing Suede Chelsea Boots
I first found out about these boots from Taft via Instagram with this picture:http://i.imgur.com/GlzKWby.jpgI remember the whole Taft No-Show sock thing from a few months back and visited their website. I was bummed to see that their initial pre-order was all sold out except for a size 7. I then emailed them to see if they would ever be offered with matching tonal elastics instead of the contrasting red. Kelsey advised that a variation would be available at the end of summer, and the current contrast would restock sometime in March.I lusted after these Taft boots for the next few weeks while also considering an order from Story et Fall. I would occasionally look at them on the Taft website, and miraculously after lusting after them for weeks, I saw that my size was actually now available for order probably from someone cancelling. The red elastic was actually growing on me and I placed the order on February 16th. Since they were pre-order to ship sometime in February, I emailed them 5 days later on the 21st to see when I could expect them to arrive. Kelsey advised that their shipment would be arriving the next day on the 22nd, and they would be sorting and preparing all the pre-orders for shipping to customers. Sure enough the next day I received an email with a tracking number and received them today, the 26th.I have yet had a chance to wear these, but I wanted to share some pictures for those that might be interested.http://imgur.com/a/K6FNN
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