A Short Casual Grey Trouser Inspo Album

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
A Short Casual Grey Trouser Inspo Album
As some of you may know, I wear a pair of loose grey trousers frequently. I think everyone should wear loose grey trousers frequently. They are trending gosh darn-it. To push my personal agenda, I put together a short album with some ideas on how people can casually wear grey trousers.AlbumIt follows a monochromatic color scheme, mainly because I am interested in a monochromatic color scheme, and most of these pictures come from my pinterest folder. You can wear wool trousers with color!There are many pictures of women in the album, but since the point of loose pants is to recreate lines instead of emphasizing body shape, it shouldn’t be a problem to see how these outfits can be duplicated by men.I have included pictures of myself in the album. This is because I couldn’t find enough pictures to meet the 25 picture minimum requirement without including some of myself, and because I wear loose grey pants often.There are not any black pants in here. If you think a pair of pants in this album is black, you are wrong. But not really. There are a couple of pair that are either really dark charcoal, or are black, but I thought they were close enough, and I needed to hit that 25 picture mark, so they are in here. Remember this is all for inspiration.I hope people enjoy the album, and my snark, and that I will see a few more WAYWT fits with loose pants being worn.Thanks for taking a look!
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