Review/Comparison: lululemon ABC Pant vs. Old Navy Go-Dry Slim Performance Pant

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Review/Comparison: lululemon ABC Pant vs. Old Navy Go-Dry Slim Performance Pant
IntroductionI needed a pair of versatile long pants for a summer trip to the Midwest that I could dress up or down. The problem is, I’m 6’8 and very sweaty. When a friend raved about the ABC pant on Facebook, I saw that they carried a tall size online and decided to check them out in person before dropping $128. I found out that lululemon also carries the tall size in stores and after trying them on, I immediately pulled out my credit card.ABC Pant | Regular | TallBrand: lululemonMSRP: $128 USDPrice Paid: $96 USDPros:QualityColor selectionVersatilityComfortCons:PriceVisible logoEasily dirtyPhotos(The colors are way off, desert sand on the website)ReviewThese pants are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. Moreso than any of my joggers or my BR Traveler jeans. ABC means anti-ball-crushing, which just means they have a significant amount of stretch and are quite fitted.I comfortably wear a size 34 waist in Banana Republic Traveler/GAP jeans and I had to size a full size up to a 36 which is snug. The inseam on the talls is every bit of 37″ and 34″ on the regulars.The overall design of the pants is fantastic. It’s not an over-the-top technical pant but it has some nice-to-have features. There’s a back zipper pocket inside the regular pocket which I stash my passport in when I travel. There’s also a pocket within the front left pocket which is the exact size of an iPhone plus. If you cuff your pants there’s a little reflective strip which I guess lets drivers know they’re about to hit something at night and a tiny little lululemon logo halfway up the leg that lets them know you can afford to sue during the day.The matte finish on these pants does not look like it’s a stretch material until you get very close. Boy, do I appreciate the material. It’s so flexible and breathable. I’ve been much more cool and comfortable in these in 100 degree heat than a pair of khaki shorts. The downside: the light khaki gets dirty easily. On the other hand, you can wash something off of them with water while wearing them and they’ll be dry 10 minutes later.I ended up having my sister buy a second pair for me in Canada. The Canadian prices are the same as the US prices but in CAD, so my second pair was $96 USD.Go-Dry Slim Performance Pants | LinkBrand: Old NavyMSRP: $45 USDPrice Paid: $19 USDPros:Inseam selectionPriceVersatilityComfortCons:DurabilityFunctionalityPhotos(The colors are way off, olive on the website but the pants are greener even than what they show)Review:Upon receiving these pants, they are so very obviously Old Navy’s version of the ABC pant, complete with reflective cuff strip. That’s not a bad thing though: they seemingly cut corners in all the right places.I ordered these pants in both a 34×36 and a 36×36. The 36×36 is snug enough in the waist. Typically in my experience for Old Navy pants the waist and inseam are both a little bit smaller than a GAP/BR pant in the same size, which is why I ordered the size up as well.The overall fit of these is a little more traditional than the ABC with what feels like more rise and a little more material on the back end.The fit and finish of these pants is a more what you expect of Old Navy. The seams are more obvious. They used a plastic button instead of a metal one. The insides of the pockets are just plain mesh and there are no fancy pockets. The fabric is very close to the ABC pant but just different enough that it looks a little stretchy when you’re not as close.I ordered these pants with 40% off plus another 30% from signing up for emails, bringing them to under $19. That’s a steal for what i got in my opinion.ConclusionI would highly recommend either of these pants to anyone. If you’re a buy-a-lot-of-clothes-and-hardly-wear-them type of person, I’d go with the Old Navy’s for hot summer days when you need pants. If you’re the kind of person who travels a lot and needs a single pair of pants to last you every occasion for a week in the summer, spring for the ABC pants.
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