[Review] Beckett & Simonon “Domingo” duffel bag

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[Review] Beckett & Simonon “Domingo” duffel bag
Background: I got this bag as a loan from one of the founders of Beckett & Simonon. I’ve exchanged a couple of messages with him here on Reddit and when he mentioned they were releasing some leather bags I asked if I could check a sample for a review, which he accepted. I made it clear that my opinions on the product would be 100% my own and wouldn’t sugarcoat anything.Album for the impatientFirst Impression: The bag looks very nice. When my wife saw it she was blown away she’s usually very picky with handbags and leather accessories but she seemed to be very impressed with this one. I like the design a lot, it’s in the middle of something luxurious but also feels rugged, it looks stylish and although it’s quite big it still seems to be practical (more on this later).Leather: It has a very nice texture and feels natural. I like that the bag looks structured even when it’s empty. I’m not a leather expert but to my eye the leather on this bag is great.. it’s thick and the color is beautiful. The bag just arrived so I don’t know if this is normal but it has a very deep leather smell, it’s even excessive, my wife was delighted with the smell though (I can’t say I’m a leather smell lover so I guess it’s more of a personal thing).Construction: It’s a substantial bag… the stitching is tight and I didn’t find any loose threads. However, on one of the zipper pull tabs I found some sloppy stitching but it’s not something that’s very visible unless you’re looking for it. Overall it’s very well made and I love the metal hardware and rivets, it’s heavy and the zippers are metallic “YKK” which are very well regarded from what I’ve heard. The bottom of the bag is solid and it has metallic studs that add a cool character to it in my opinion. The lining is good quality too. Overall the bag is very well constructed and gives you the impression that’s indestructible. (The bag is handmade in Colombia from Argentinian leather and it’s ethically made, if that’s something you care about).Functionality: It has 3 separate pockets in the interior and one on the exterior. The bag is big, it looks like it can fit a bunch of things and the top opening is very convenient. I had a daughter recently so I’m now always carrying a bunch of baby things in multiple bags. I know carrying diapers and baby stuff isn’t the primarily purpose of a bag like this but I can see myself using it for that purpose. I think I would like more pockets on the inside but I tend to really like pockets, so it’s probably not an issue for most people. It has a shoulder strap that you can adjust and detach so that’s very cool (I doubt I’ll be using the strap though). Overall I’d say the bag is very functional and would use it in practically any situation were a duffel or a carry-on bag is needed.What I don’t like: I’d have preferred a contrasting color for the lining. I think it would make it easier to find things inside the bag. Not a deal breaker but I think it would have been a nice touch. Also that smell… man, I’ve never been a fan of leather smell so I know this is a subjective thing but to me the bag smells like a leather store. My wife says it smells great so maybe I’m just nitpicking. Also, the shoulder strap is mostly cotton, I think it would have looked better with a full leather strap.Conclusion: I think it’s great value for the money. In terms of quality and aesthetics this bag is way better than most of the other options I’ve seen at this price point. If you’re in the market for an affordable alternative to brands like Lotuff, Killspencer and Frank Clegg this bag definitely fits the bill. Be aware that they only have it for pre-order so that’s a bummer but it’s how they keep their prices low.TL:DR Nice bag with quality construction and materials. Great value for the money.
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