Advice for summer looks

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Advice for summer looks
Hello mfa!I’ve been lurking for a while etc., etc.Im very satisfied with my style in general, but when it comes to spring and summer fashion i never really know how to go. I was hoping that somebody could point me or anyone here who might want this question answered in the right direction on what’s in right now. I don’t really need specifics but just generally what you think works for hot summer days or if you have any resources that might be useful.Some quick facts about me: – I don’t know how many men can identify with me but I’m really not a fan of shorts, so if anyone has any reccomendation for what long trousers to wear during summer I’d be really great fulI’m a fan of streetwear. However, I’m open to mixing and matching as long as it looks good.I sweat a lot. And as I need to go to school I’m stuck with my clothes for quite a bit of a full day, so I’d prefer something that’s doesn’t make me sweat by just standing inside.Thank you in advance for any help that anyone can give me. Hopefully someone else finds this thread useful as well.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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