Got asked to be the girl I’m CRAZY about’s plus one to a wedding this July, in Los Angeles. Stressing on what to wear/where to get it all, and could use some help.

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Got asked to be the girl I’m CRAZY about’s plus one to a wedding this July, in Los Angeles. Stressing on what to wear/where to get it all, and could use some help.
As the title says, I got asked to go to a wedding in July with my new girlfriend (Been dating a month but have known each other for much longer). I’m dead crazy about her. I am 23, and she is a bit older than me. 26. The other guests at the wedding will most likely be older too. Lots of her older friends, etc. The wedding is between one of her friends from High school (we went to the same high school and I also know the bride, but not well enough to have been invited on my own). The groom, is an LA radio DJ (Name is Nathan Fast in case anybody has ever heard of him). Lots of people, taking place at Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. So pretty swanky.WTF do I wear? I own a charcoal grey wool suit, but am willing to buy whatever I need, because I have other, not as “high society” weddings coming up later in the summer for my own friends. Willing to buy quality too! I’5 5’11 140 lbs, skinny runner kid body type. Levis 510’s fit like 511 would on most people for example, body shape wise.Here’s what I’m thinking/need help with:Shoes: Probably the area I am the most conflicted on. I don’t own any for this occasion. I have a nice pair of J&M Derbys that I wear from time to time if I need a nicer shoe. I love them, but I want brown. Would a penny/tassel loafer such as the AE Cavanaugh be a good choice? Or am I better off with a wingtip oxford such as the Taft Beck in burnt honey? I would really like some British Tan/whisky colored dress shoes. (Yes I read the recent post about this color of shoe, I like to stand out). Any recommendations for styles/brands that won’t make me go broke but are also high quality. I plan to use these shoes for lots of other occasions.Pants: I own lots of JCrew chinos, 484, including some nice light grey stretch chinos, and their new natural color linen chinos (thinking these might be a good option?). Do you think a full cotton/linen suit would be a better choice? Or am I on the right track with cotton/linen pants and a lightweight blazer?Shirt: I own a nicely fitted linen button down from Jcrew factory. Fits perfectly. I also have a white spread collar oxford cloth shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt which fits me like it was made for me. Unless I should definitely not wear white, I feel comfortable with my shirt choice.Tie: I was thinking a nice linen Tie. I have lots from my sprezzabox subscription. Fun colors and fabrics. I also have a new linin/chambray bowtie in grey and white polka dot, but that feels a little dorky to me.Jacket: Do I need a jacket? I sure think I do. Here’s also where I’m confused on what to do. Full suit? Or separate pants/blazer. I was thinking that with either of the pants I already own (light grey Jcrew 484, or natural linen 484, that a linen/cotton blazer in navy would pair nicely with the rest of my fit. Or is wearing linen pants and jacket too much linen? Any ideas on where to buy the best quality meets budget lightweight blazers/cotton summer suits? Recommendations are really appreciated…What do you think of my selections/ideas? Am I totally nailing it? Or did I completely miss the mark. I want any and all suggestions and recommendations for specific pieces of clothing. I’m not made of money, but am willing to buy quality over something super disposable. A nice middle ground is nice.Thank you!
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