Nerdy med student needs help looking sharp. Please and thank you!

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Nerdy med student needs help looking sharp. Please and thank you!
I’ve just recently been accepted to medical school, and I’m now in need of a versatile jacket/suit. I’ve been looking at buying a sport coat/blazer in either a light blue or charcoal, but The Bay is having a massive sale on suits, and now I’m in a predicament. Strellson suits are almost 40% off, and I have my eye on 3 of them. I currently own a dark ink blue Tiger of Sweden suit that I got for my interview, but it’s rather dark and I payed a lot of money for it, so I’d prefer not to wear it as a casual jacket. For the price of the Strellson suits, I could get a really nice suit to add to my wardrobe and wear later on in life, but the price won’t have me paranoid when I’m wearing it casually. I know you aren’t supposed to wear suit jackets as blazers, but I’m pretty sure nerdy medical students aren’t going to be able to pick up on this, and I’m about to go so ridiculously far into debt, I can’t afford to buy both a suit and a blazer. So my question is this: which of the three suit jackets would be most versatile when worn as a casual blazer.Suit 1Suit 2Suit 3Thanks!!!
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