Burgundy leather shoes, advice needed [Urgent]

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Burgundy leather shoes, advice needed [Urgent]
So reddit, I’m getting married next week and I placed an order for these beautiful handcrafted burgundy shoes from Raymond about 2 weeks ago. But to my dismay, when the shoes arrived yesterday, they were clearly not the same color as the ones I had selected at the store. I went back to the shop and the store keepers said that it had something to do with their display piece being stretched with one of those shoe strechers and something to do with moisture. So when the store manager arrived, I asked him for a refund as the shoes they sent do not go with the clothes that I’m wearing. The store manager has said he’ll send the shoes back to the factory and get them to look like the display piece but he’s been really vague about the whole thing. Also, the shoes will get delivered to me 2 days before the big day.Now I know diddlysquat about fine leather products and these are the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve purchased so I was wondering you guys could shed some light on what I should do? Insist on getting the refund or stick it out? How would they go about getting the shade right and would that compromise the quality of the product?Thanks.
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