New Republic by Mark McNairy Houston chelsea boots – TTS

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New Republic by Mark McNairy Houston chelsea boots – TTS
Approximately four months ago, /u/mirelurkboi wrote a write-up here regarding the New Republic by Mark McNairy Houston chelsea boots and there were a lot of questions as to weather or not they were TTS.I just received of the brown Houston chelsea boot, size 8.5, and at first, it seemed a little loose in the back with the heel not being a firm fit.However, after comparisons to my two other chelsea boots of different brands, I realized sizing down to 8 was not going to work.The boot is, in fact, an 8.5 and the length lines up perfectly with my 8.5 shoes and other chelsea boots.If look very carefully in the back, there’s a curvature in the back whereby the heal might have some extra room in the back causing it to feel a little less snug back there (the design of the boot).I wear prescription orthotics, so insoles were not an option, after reading about solutions for shoes that are too loose (i.e. thicker socks, insoles, and heel liners/stripes), I decided to go with the heel liner below: the orthotics, thinner/normal gold toe sock, and the heel liner, it seems to have resolved the issue.These boots are a great deal at $99 ($75 if you have a 25% off code), so if you read a review, see a video, etc. telling you to size down, try thicker socks, an insole (not too thick), or a heel liner, and that’ll likely do that trick.In summary, I believe this boot is TTS.I’m going to test them tomorrow on the street (which once I do this I will not be able to return them), I’ll report back if there’s any change in the experience.
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