My marryin’ suit – pt. II

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My marryin’ suit – pt. II
Thanks for the great input and advice y’all gave me last week. I ended up buying that Calvin Klein suit; here are some (not great) photos. Definitely getting the pants tailored; the fit on the jacket seems pretty good to me but I’ll have the tailor look at that too. Anyways I’ve got a whole raft of questions now that I’d love input on:(1) Thoughts on the suit? It’s darker in person than online (though maybe not quite as dark as it looks in the photos I posted). I think I still like it best out of everything I’ve seen / tried, but I wish it were a little brighter. Is it “too dark”? (I don’t even know what I mean by that.) Are either of these clearly better?(2) Thoughts on ties? It seems like the suit would pair more easily with a red or yellow or brown, but I’d much prefer to wear a cool color tie like a teal, turquoise, blue, purple, or maybe the right shade of green. Are these good contenders? I’ve been staring at color wheels trying to figure out what would look good and what would clash, but I’m still pretty bewildered.(3) Can I wear any shade of brown shoes with this suit, or would it be better to go lighter or darker?(4) I’m leaning towards a plain white or maybe cream shirt, but open to other interesting ideas.(5) I’m leaning away from a waistcoat or vest, but open to interesting counterarguments / possibilities.(6) Is there a rule or guideline on choosing French vs. barrel cuffs, or is it just personal preference?
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