17M I look like a dad (and opinions on BooHooMan)

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17M I look like a dad (and opinions on BooHooMan)
Fist time posting here. Like the title says, I am a 17 year old male and I feel like I dress like a dad. I don’t think the issue is the clothes which I buy as I get them from reasonably trendy shops. For example, if I was going out with my friends during a summers day, I would probably wear a long or short sleeved shirt (not t-shirt) and a pair of chino style shorts, I’m not sure if that the best way to describe the shorts, which may be tan or something like that. I see people wearing the same-ish outfit as me in catalogues etc and think they look good, it just seems that I can’t pull it off. My build is 5ft 8in. I am kind chubby and therefore have man boobs (this is something which I have been working on by going to the gym recently) because of which I try to avoid t-shirts as I feel they draw attention to them. Someone suggested that maybe I should buy tighter shorts. I wouldn’t describe my shorts as particularly baggy, though. I just don’t know why I seem to look dad-like (which a few people have commented on) when I try and be trendy.The second part of this is about BooHooMan. I would just like to know where it ranks in clothes quality etc. I have never bought anything from them but I saw on Unidays that I get 40% off so i was going to buy some stuff.Any feedback/help is much appreciated.
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