Is it possible to reconcile my sense of fashion with my work dress code?

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Is it possible to reconcile my sense of fashion with my work dress code?
I’ve always had a very experimental sense of fashion, and I love individualizing my clothes, making them stupidly glittery, adding wild patterns, wearing crazy looking asymmetrical outfits (I mean it sounds like a mad jumble but I think it still looks good, I bring it all together well).Anyways, fortunately (because money) and unfortunately (because FASHION) I have a job where I have to dress “biz cas” and “professional” (total bleh). And I’m trying (really trying) to make that work for me. So I guess I’m kinda doin me a foxtrot along the line between “too glittery and just plain fuckin weird to be professional/appropriate” and “this is so b o r i n g I wanna diiiiiiie”ANYWAYS/ANYWAYS, I have two (count em) questions up here:Any advice for someone whose sense of fashion has been described as “experimental grungey glitterbomb punk” to wear clothes he really likes in a biz cas setting? The dress code is like polos are okay, so are jeans so long as they aren’t blue, don’t need to wear a tie. But I’m more worried about the unwritten rules, like “your clothes must look like human and not alien clothes”Not super related to the above, but I’ve been looking for some inspo for deconstructed/experimental style neckties for a while. By that I mean like imagine a tie that literally just looks like the outline of a tie, wouldn’t that be super cool? Or a totally weirdly shaped looks-like-it-came-outta-Dr-Seuss tie. I don’t mean cheesy novelty ties that are shaped like an ice cream cone or whatever. But I haven’t been able to find any examples like that, do you know of anything?Thaaaaanks 🙂
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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