Losing weight & short legs with long torso. Tips appreciated

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Losing weight & short legs with long torso. Tips appreciated
Hello, MFA community.I’m about 3/5 of my way through my weight loss process (38kg gone, about 28 more to go), and I’m exploring my options with clothing since almost all of my original wardrobe has been donated at this point. I’m a short man (170cm, or roughly 5’7″). I mean, I’m not really short but I have a long torso and short legs. here’s a bad picture for reference. That’s a 23″ inseam and I think those slim cut legs make me look like Humpty Dumpty. I used to wear this shirt untucked but my belly shrunk and now it’s too long.I made my peace that I’m just not going to look good at this point as my measurements are changing too fast for me to justify overspending in clothes and tailoring. I have a minimal wardrobe right now, but once I’m about 20kg (44lbs) slimmer I think I can start buying nicer stuff again. Thing is, I haven’t been this weight since high school when I cared nothing about how I look so I need some tips on what to buy. How do I go about minimizing the stubby legs appearance?For pants is normal rise, straight leg and half-break the way to go?*Do I always tuck in shirts? I mean not t-shirts but polos and casual shirts that are getting a bit too long.Should I just avoid shorts? If I buy them, are 7″ chino shorts ok?Any other tips?
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