Hickey Freeman Sample Sale NYC

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Hickey Freeman Sample Sale NYC
I was down at the Hickey Freeman sample sale today at Soiffer Haskin, 33rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenue (right down the block from Penn Station). Today is day 2 of a 5 day sample sale.There are some deals worth exploring, for anyone in need of menswear:Hickey Freeman Suits, 1 for $600, 2 for $1000, 3 for $1350 — This is either a great deal or a non-deal depending on what you find. There are plenty of diffusion line suits at these sample sales, which can be had for the same or better prices at outlets. Most of these are half canvas, and all HF suits are MiUSA, so you’re getting a fair price but not outstanding. These suits generally have white “Hickey Freeman” labels on the inner lapels these days, and already have the buttons attached to the sleeves. They also have “Lindsey” (wide fit), “Milburn” and “Milburn II” (classic fit), or “Roberto” (not sure about this one but I think it’s the half canvas modern fit) names on the tags.However, there are also higher-quality HF suits with full canvas construction and high quality Loro Piana Super 150s or Zegna fabrics. Note, however, that at least one suit with gold labels–which are usually full canvas– was not full canvas when I pinch tested it, and so I would recommend you test each suit to make sure. All of the Mahogany suits should be full canvas, unless someone has info otherwise, and there are a few Presidential collection suits hanging around (which are excellent, but there were none in my size, 42L). The mainline suits have names like “Addison” (wide fit), “Beacon” (classic fit), “Heritage” and “Hamilton” (modern fit), and something else with a “C” that’s also a modern fit.There are also some Daniel Cremieux Signature Collection suits around, which I believe are made by Isaia di Napoli, but should not be considered as equal quality to mainline Isaia suits. I’m not super familiar with these, but they seemed to be full canvas with solid fabrics (both models I saw had Loro Piana 160s that had a nice hand) and a decent drape. Probably not a bad deal at these prices, though they didn’t seem worth the $2000 normal sticker price.There was still a good selection of color while I was there, even including traditional charcoal and navy. I grabbed 3 suits from the “H” line today, all made with Tasmanian Super 150s (I believe Loro Piana), in slim fits.Hickey Freeman Trousers, 3 for $250 — These are nice slacks, and I regard this as a very good deal. There were lots of regular worsted wool slacks, with some more wintery wool flannel and corduroys mixed in, a small amount of linen. I picked up 3 pairs.Pantherella over-the-calf Socks, 5 for $40 — I regard this as the best deal of all, and I picked up 5 pairs. The selection was waning a bit, but there was a good mix of cotton, wool, and even some cashmere blends included.Sportcoats, 1 for $400, 2 for $650 (I think), and I can’t remember the price for 3 — To me, the sportcoats seemed to have the worst selection of the bunch. There were also a whole lot of jackets with a giant grey label on the inner lapel, which I had never seen before. I’m sure there are deals to be had here, and there are racks on racks of these, but I sure didn’t find any, and I’d caution coming down just to try to find a sportcoat. One thing I did notice was that there were several traditional “navy blazers” left, generally with gold buttons, if that’s something you’re in the market for.Sweaters, 2 for $120 — These generally seemed like nice sweaters with good selections of colors, except for large (unfortunately for me).Pocket Squares, $10 each — I’m not a pocket square guy, but these are pretty good quality for the price if you are.Ties, $40 with deals for multiples — I wasn’t a fan of these, but they seemed like they weren’t bad quality.There were also some other deals on overcoats and raincoats (limited selection) and Bobby Jones golf attire, for example, which struck me as “ok.”I can post some pictures of the haul, if anyone cares to see, but just wanted to report back in case there is interest. Paul Smith also has a sample sale later this week, though I plan to walk out empty handed as Paul Smith infuriatingly makes no long sizes.
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