New to ‘Business Casual’ & my wardrobe needs an overhaul!

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New to ‘Business Casual’ & my wardrobe needs an overhaul!
Hola /r/malefashionadvice!,Good news: I quit the job I hate and got the job I wanted! Bad News: I am sartorially unprepared.For the last decade or so I’ve been working at startups and donning the standard outfit- T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, hoodie. The occasional patterned button-up tossed in. I’m moving on to a huge entertainment megacorp in a management role and I need to step it up a bit.To be fair, it’s part of their future-tech initiatives and the dress code is NOT suit and tie, but something closer to business casual. My boss jokes that the official uniform is tucked gingham and jeans. Which is a good start, but that’s a whole one of my outfits.At any rate, I’d appreciate your advice! I’m 5’10 and 170 pounds. 32 waist. Not ‘skinny’, really. Usually buy my shirts in a medium. I live in LA, so prepare for hot summers, cool winters, but no need for parkas or anything.The job pays pretty well and so $$$ isn’t an obstacle, but I’m a man who loves a deal. 90% of my recent purchases are from the Sales section of Penguin and H&M.Thanks for the help!
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