Taking a big ole duke on Outlier

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Taking a big ole duke on Outlier
Just got a 400 dollar credit on my credit card from 2 pairs of OG Climbers I had to send back to Outlier. The stitiching was busted in both pairs in multiple places. You can see my orignal post on r/outlier here that includes pictures: https://www.reddit.com/r/Outlier/comments/6bd0vf/new_og_climbers_stitching_failing/I still have 4 Outlier pieces that I like, but I have to say this does not do much for my opinion of the brand. I’ve always been on the fence about them.On the one hand, I love that you are getting clothes with the functionality of something you get at REI with the looks of something minimal and modern. The garments look good. I’ve worn them hiking, climbing, to my office, and on my bike.But…1) Outlier overpromises and underdelivers. My New Way shorts are not swim trunks no matter what the pictures show. They take a while to dry, not as long as cotton, but a while. The strongworks are kinda hot and look a little like the work pants I was issued as a teenage employee at McDonalds.2) I feel you overpay for what you get. They are exploiting the lack of competition in their market niche to charge twice what the clothing is worth. The price might reflect what the garment costs to make, due to an inability to capitalize on economies of scale necessitated by small runs, but nonetheless, you overpay.3) My recent experience makes me question their attention to detail. You hope that a company with small runs is going to have the attention to detail that justifies the higher cost. My 2 pairs of pants (purchased 2 months apart) falling apart makes me question that. One pair had the seam in the seat rip the first time I squated in them. This sort of defect should be caught at the factory or warehouse, not by the customer. The fact that it happened twice makes me suspect the whole run.4) The faux-fashion. I bet they don’t sell many of the really edgy things they produce. Take a look at the stuff on the website right now. Its pretty far out. But the fundamentals of the brand, the stuff they really sell a lot of, is actually pretty boring and not high fashion at all. I am as taken with the branding as anyone, I want to believe my short sleeve pivot shirt is a fashionable button down shirt. It helps me justify the price. But really what you have is a shirt that could be sold at Old Navy that has fancier buttons and a higher grade fabric. Don’t get me wrong, I like the basics they sell, but could we dispense with the idea that they are a fashion brand? Could we focus instead on getting the fundamentals right? Like seams that don’t rip?5) While they eventually offered me a full refund, they only did so after I posted to r/outlier. Initially they treated what I felt was a serious complaint like it was no big deal. After I posted on r/outlier they then offered to ship me two additional pairs of pants: I could keep the ones I had as well. The new ones would be inspected by the warehouse manager. This was tempting, but two things occurred to me. One, it lowered the value of the garment. If they can afford to send me two more pairs of pants, each pair is now worth 100 dollars. Why then did I pay twice that much for them? Second, if the first two pairs were defective, why wouldn’t the next two be as well? I don’t believe that they have large enough runs that they the garments vary widly between themselves. They were just going to send me two more pairs from the same defective batch. They could never just admit they’d sold lemons.So…here I am taking a big ole shit on Outlier in a sub that introduced me to them. I kinda feel bad doing it, but I feel I need to say something. I look to this sub for advice on items and the quality thereof, and I hope this will help someone else make a decision on down the line.
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