Going from Manufacturing Plant to Office?

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Going from Manufacturing Plant to Office?
Hey all… I’m currently going through a career change and switching from a manufacturing engineer to an engineering consultant. While this is all fine and dandy my attire is going to need to change significantly. I’m typically wearing steel toe boots, jeans or Carhartt pants, and long sleeve flannel shirts (mostly dictated by safety requirements). Obviously this isn’t going to work in my new role. In talking to my new boss, I found out I don’t actually need to wear a suit most days, only when advising top management. The team typically wears just a dress shirt, tie, etc. So, can any of you fine folks point me in the right direction to start building a good starting wardrobe for this? I never really had to buy these types of clothes before, including the shoes… And am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am not really a stranger to dressing well, and know the basics like fit trumps most things, but don’t really know where to shop for these types of clothes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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