AliExpress OCBD Experiment was a decent success – a good option for the short (I’m 5’4″)

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AliExpress OCBD Experiment was a decent success – a good option for the short (I’m 5’4″)
Album for the lazy: a 5’4” guy, it’s incredibly tough to find clothes that fit. I’m lucky enough that my legs are abnormally long for my height, so I can usually wear a 28×30 pants. Shirts, however, are another story. Most shirts in XS are too tight around the chest, with sleeves about 1-2 inches too long.Some numbers:Chest: 38in Sleeve: 31in Waist: 28inThis gives me a couple options:OTR + tailoring: This would most likely require a hem and sleeve shortening. I’m confident enough to hem my own shirts – sleeves, not so much. This is a viable option, but it would require additional cost on top of the cost of the shirt. While I’m find with spending money, it’s become sort of a quest to find OTR shirts that fit decently.MTM: During a trip to India last summer, I got a bunch of shirts custom made for $15-20 each. Great option, but I grew out of these once I started lifting soon after. Can’t exactly afford to go back. Online tailors like ModernTailor, Ratio Clothing, Proper Cloth etc are about $50-$80 a shirt minimum, and considering I want to (at least dream of) continuing to lift and becoming bigger, I don’t want to shell out this kind of money unless absolutely necessary.The boys section: While I have bought clothes in the kid’s section in the past, post-lifting-me no longer fit into these. They were either full-body chokers for guys or as large as a swimming pool I could dive in.???The Theory:I thought about ordering some clothes off AliExpress, considering the population they cater to is probably shorter than the average American guy. Why not start with the MFA uniform?I started searching for an OBCD. My criteria:100% cotton – I don’t want some weird looking cotton/poly blend that shimmers in the sunlight.Obviously the dimensions – most shirts on Ali are 70cm length, which is ~27.5in, the same length as most XS shirts in the US. I was looking for 68. Also for shorter sleeves (59cm or so, the sleeve measurement on Aliexpress is a little different).No weird gimmicks, like contrasting collars and such. KISSPrice under $20, since this was mostly just a sizing experiment.The experience:Searching was a huge pain in the ass due to my specific sizing criteria. Finally came across a decently well ordered but not hugely popular store that fit my criteria. I ordered a light blue OCBD in size M for $14.I received the shirt 11 days later in CA.The shirt rundown:What you’re probably reading to find out!I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the shirt. It’s similar to OCBD’s I’ve found at retailers in the boys section, but with smaller cuff/collar/etc than the large boys clothes.Material:The material is a little rough, but clearly 100% cotton. Most cotton I’ve bought cheap has been rough to begin with, so I assume that it will begin to soften up as I wash it. (Ignore the coloring, it’s a bit off due to white balance. It is a nice light blue in real life).The buttons are bit cheap and small, unfortunately. I don’t expect much more from a $14 shirt, though. They can always be replaced if needed. fit:Not too bad! The length shrank about 1 inch. I’ve ordered a couple more to check for variability, so if people are interested I can provide a better breakdown of shrinkage. It’s a little tight around my hips (SQUATS = M A S S I V E T H I G H S – 25inch thighs, 28waist), but I’ll deal with it. front back sideThe sleeves are a little loose due to some weird double placket going on at the cuff. I didn’t mind too much since is the best fitting shirt I’ve worn in a while – I can always get it tailored if it matters to me later. sleeve placketDetails:Stitching is ok quality as expected. There’s a pleat on the back with a hook to hang it up. The weird part is some tiny red embroidery on the front pocket, which is removable with a seam ripper. back red embroideryFinal thoughts:TL;DR: Decent shirt for decent price, worth a shot if you’re short. Be prepared to experiment, so only try this if you have time, patience, and $$$.This is what I bought aliexpress shirtI have 3 more shirts on the way (the same one, in different colors). More than anything, I want to check on the variability of sizing from the same store. If there’s interest, I can provide an update on those shirts!Let me know if you have any questions!
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