24 year old looking to improve his style

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24 year old looking to improve his style
I asked this a week or so ago but it got buried in simple questions, so I figured I would give a more detailed question a shot. First off I am 6’1″ broad in the shoulders and in that weird middle ground between in shape and out of shape. For a while my every day style consisted of some form of graphic tee, usually a tour shirt from some band and occasionally an affliction shirt(don’t worry I have since kicked that habit, it was a strange time in my life) with levis and either converse or one of my two pairs of cowboy boots. Now I realized that is not necessarily the pinnacle of style so I did my best to do it up by transitioning to a black or white undershirt with a button down over it but still with the jeans/boots combo. And if I’m being perfectly honest my style is being somewhat influenced by a mix of Communities Jeff Winger and Supernaturals Dean Winchester…maybe bad choices though. I don’t know if I should stick with that, and if so what are good suggestions for shirts to fit that look or ditch it. Primarily the boots I do love my boots but am not sure if snake skin or brown leather with gold accent boots are fashionable or just make me look like a douchebag. I will say I prefer long sleeved shirts with the sleeves rolled up to short sleeves but also tend to wear them with the top few buttons undone, another habit I’m not sure if I should kick. So I guess to boil it down for you guys, do I keep my button down/levi/boots look or scrap it and go a different route? There are a few other intiricaies to my style that occasionally make an appearance as well, three of them are denim jackets(one with a red white and blue bull skull, another with the album art from Paranoid and another NATCAA jacket that was my dad’s but recently I haven’t worn them because honestly I’m also not sure I should. Any suggestions on brands or styles would be very much appreciated
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