Need help finding very specific type of underwear.

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Need help finding very specific type of underwear.
First time posting here– I looked over the guidelines and I hope I’m not breaking any rules.Anyway, I’ve been searching for many weeks for the kind of underwear that works for me– online and in stores, and have failed! I need help!So, I’m looking for low-rise seamless boxer briefs. The low-rise is negotiable, but I’d prefer if the legs weren’t long like shorts. I’ve tried several brands, and they either rise up to my stomach or go down my legs halfway. The waste-bands often feel serrated on hips =(Edit: here’s the shape and style UniqloSmall rant: The only underwear I’ve ever found comfortable was DISCONTINUED!?! It was the low-rise seamless boxer briefs from Uniqlo. They even had colors that I loved. Most guy clothing tends to be really terrible with stupid patterns or dreary dull colors. This isn’t as important as the other aspects of the clothes, but I’m sure some of you can appreciate wanting clothing that will fit my style and personality. And underwear needs to contribute to that– particularly if I’m in a situation where I’m going to be showing it! As a circumcised individual, I find it impossible to wear underwear with seams down the middle, and all over the sides. I’m furious that nearly every brand and style does this– it makes no sense that one of the most sensitive parts of our body would have clothing made full of seams on the inside. The worst part of this is when I get erections; the underwear starts cutting into me. While sleeping I have literally been woken up in pain if I while trying to wear regular briefs. But I can’t sleep naked because I chafe. I’m running out of options. I’ve taken to wearing a pair of women’s booty shorts I was gifted because I can’t find anything else. I don’t mind it– but women’s clothing tends to wear out quickly and are sort-of difficult and uncomfortable to shop for, and I don’t know the first thing about women’s sizing.
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