Summer ball outfit – making sure it works?

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Summer ball outfit – making sure it works?
Hey all,So I’ve got a summer ball on Saturday and I want to make sure my planned outfit works before I order it. The dress code is fairly flexible – people go in anything from Tuxedos to blazer & chinos (it’s a bit of a weird event, but I felt I needed to explain that just because it’s a ball, doesn’t mean I need to wear a Tux). My style more suits the relaxed end of the spectrum.For some reason I’ve had in my head for ages that I want to wear a light blue blazer (no idea why, I just do). Like this with a white button shirt underneath.As such, I’ve had a look around and asked and most people suggest to go for light chinos/trousers – so I’ve lined up these light grey trousers.I’m then intending on smart brown shoes and of course a brown belt.However I don’t actually know if that’ll look good and I don’t want to risk splashing out and then having an unwearable outfit. I know the fit will be good – it’s just whether the colours go together which I’m unsure of.Any suggestions/modifications would be great. Thanks!
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