Y’all want Gustin? Think again. Gather around for a tale of T-shirt horror.

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Y’all want Gustin? Think again. Gather around for a tale of T-shirt horror.
My friend owns a pair of white Gustin t-shirts in size small. I tried them on one day, and while they were a bit small for me (5’9″, 155lbs), I really liked the construction and, after checking the fit guide, was sure that a medium would be absolutely perfect. Given my height, finding shirts that are short enough is an absolute pain in the ass, and these shirts seemed perfect. Oh how wrong I was.I ordered a three-pack of white tees and a three-pack of colored tees in Burgundy, Camel, and Moss (the names are relevant). I paid my $90 dollars, content that the clothing gods were smiling down on me.After four months the shirts finally arrived, I tried them on and was incredulous. The white shirt I had put one fit like a dress. I went and put on my friends white shirt just to make check and sure enough, the medium fit like an xl. The jump between the two shirts was obscene. I checked the measurements against what the site said the measurements were and again, the discrepancy was incredible. The white medium I had received was on average 2 inches larger in every dimension than the fit guide stated. It gets weirder. I tried on the colored shirts and was astounded. The Moss shirt fit well enough but one sleeve was noticeably tighter and shorter than the other. The back length was also over an inch longer than what is stated on the site.Customer service was kind enough to pay for tailoring of the shirts but then I ran into more problems. I washed the shirts to make sure they wouldn’t shrink after the fact and ran into multiple problems. The dye wasn’t set in the camel and burgundy shirts (seeing as the moss couldn’t be fixed) and they bled all over my other clothes. On top of this, the burgundy shrunk significantly in the sleeve while the camel did not. The tailor said they were the worst constructed shirts she had ever seen and then, as if to confirm her suspicions, she gave a slight tight on the shoulder seam of the burgundy and all of the stitching snapped.This started 6 months ago and I’m coming out of this with nothing but trips to the tailor and the post office to get these shirts back to Gustin. Customer service has been amazing but the experience of trying to get a matching set of t-shirts through them has been comically challenging. Take heed.
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