Can a 6’2 guy get away with suit pants with no break?

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Can a 6’2 guy get away with suit pants with no break?
Hey MFA,I’m currently a college student who finally realized the importance of not dressing like a schlub. I’m fairly new to fashionable dressing, so I’ve never really experimented with different pants styles before.I’ve always been a fan of the no break suit pants style (although I didn’t realize this was what it was called until a few days ago), but in my research I have found a few people who say that taller men should stay away from no breaks, as it may look like they’re wearing highwater pants, or the pants leg may ride up too high when sitting down.The thing is, however, that I really like the “no break” look, since it just looks more neat and clean. A full break looks a bit more sloppy IMO. For reference, I’m not talking about the really highly cropped pants (i.e. Thom Browne), but pants with very little to no break.To get an idea of what I am talking about, the styles that I like are the half break and no break in this video: am NOT referring to the cropped look in the video, or any other exaggerated Thom Browne-style pants (it’s way too fashion-forward and trendy for my tastes).Additional reference: no break picture is the style that I like, as opposed to the others.Does anyone here have any experience with this? Should tall guys really just stick with the full break?Thanks!
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