Why are there so many ugly vintage ties around?

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Why are there so many ugly vintage ties around?
A question that has been bothering me for quite some time. Something I’ve never understood was the prevalence of ghastly looking ties when shopping on ebay or thrift stores. The culprits here seem to be the older ties. They always seem to come in a bizarre mis-match of colors and overly cluttered patterns, really begs the question why someone would have purchased them in the first place. Its not just no name ties which are like this either, plenty of designer names, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, Armani etc. Considering the prevalence and consistency of designs too, it doesnt seem as if they were all ugly ties which had a dishonest but enterprising reseller resew a label onto them. I understand that at a time, tie fashions were much more relaxed than it is nowadays, but did people use to get a kick out of visually scarring their cubicle mate? Or did they have company wide contests to see who could pull the most tragic of ties, a la ugly sweater contest. Of course, ties like this have a higher chance of being purged by their owners through resale, but it seems that these ties were quite prevalent in tie fashions back in the day, enough to justify the huge number of them for resale. http://imgur.com/a/Sk5rq
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