Dressing with anterior pelvic tilt

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Dressing with anterior pelvic tilt
For those that don’t know what I’m talking about: http://posteriorpelvictilt.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/postures.jpgSo this has been a problem for me for as long as I remember. It’s made tucking shirts or just wearing non-baggy clothes really tough. While I’ve recently taken efforts to mitigate my posture problems, it could easily take months, or years, before the anything happens.The thing I most struggle with is wearing a belt. It’s almost impossible to wear it without it slanting, so that the back of the belt is up much higher than the front of the belt. Alternatively, you can wear the belt up really high, but I find this doesn’t really work well on my physique. I’m a skinny guy, with most of my weight centered around me legs/hips, and wearing my belt in either of these ways really emphasizes my ass more than I’d like. Normally I wear something that covers the top of my pants so as to cover it up, but when wearing tucked shirts, there’s nothing I can really do.So my question is: Is there anybody here who suffers from the same posture problem? Do you have any tips for someone like me?
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