RPMwest tees vs Bella

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RPMwest tees vs Bella
I know people were asking if these were similar, had Bella Canvas triblends for awhile but never the 3005 shirts. Ordered a bunch, forget similar, these are the same shirts as my RPMwest, right down to the stitching, only difference is the tags, the fit etc is the same. These shirts at their price of 6 bucks give or take are a great deal, my RPMwest shirts at their reg price of 20 or whatever it was, was way overpriced as I’ve said before. On one hand I’m a business guy so I can understand rebranding to sell as your own, however taking a cheap shirt marking the price way up and marketing them as the be all end all of shirts…. mehhh. These are 6 buck shirts, good ones at that, no fucking way they are $20+. I’ll try to get some pics later to show, I just ordered a plain white as well to see if its thin or not (sheer). At that point you may as well pay for something barely more thats much nicer, like Buck Mason around 30 etcAlso – as people were asking about the olive green, on the RPMwest site that color looked nice, I found the 3005 in heather green and almost positive this was what RPM called Olive Green, its a nice color. Have no clue what RPMs other stuff is like except all my jeans are raw denim, and on the the raw sub not many fans of their jeans especially at their price point.
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