Tall, stick-thin men and boys: Building confidence

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Tall, stick-thin men and boys: Building confidence
This is a slight deviation from the general theme of this subreddit, but I think it might still be relevant. My height is 1.81m and I weight 50kg (for Americans, that’s 6ft and 110lbs). This puts my BMI at 15.3. I look stick thin – not emaciated, but thin in a way that is still passable.I have been ashamed of my build my whole life – to the point where I have been purposely avoiding skinny jeans, have been wearing ill-fitting and awkwardly-sized t-shirts in order to camouflage my body and ‘fit in’ with my male friends and acquaintances, most of whom are the buff, regular jock type – one or two are somewhat chubby. I have looked like nothing but a complete slob the last few years. Think of a grasshopper in a flowy dress.My 20th birthday was two months ago and my parents got me a pair of black leather boots with some nice metal detail and with quite a heel on them. They are relatively ‘outrageous’ compared to the dull stuff I wear, but I still liked them a lot and tried them on with my regular clothes, but they just felt disproportionate. I purchased a pair of Levi’s 519 extreme skinny jeans in black the next week – justified the purchase by saying “eh, I can always return it if it makes me look borderline anorexic”. I also got one slim-fitting black t-shirt in XS from H&M to go with the pair of jeans. I put the entire outfit together at home and for the first time in my life, I actually felt good about the way I looked. It elongated my silhouette and the height increase from the leather boots (made me 1.85m, or about 6’1) made the effect even more extreme. I have been a lurker on male fashion forums for quite a while, and I would say that the effect looked pretty close to the some of those Yves Saint Laurent male models – skinny, leather boots, all black, etc.The problem is that I don’t have the confidence to go out like this. I feel like even if I think I personally look good, others will say shitty things about me and mock me for being the odd one out. It’d really help to hear from guys who are of a similar build to me, and who cannot gain weight for whatever reason. Do you actively embrace your build, and if so, how do you present it in the best way possible: By emphasising on your thinness, or disguising it by wearing bigger clothes?Many thanks.
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