Undershirts, Sweat, and T-Shirts

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Undershirts, Sweat, and T-Shirts
I’m a bit of a fashion amateur, but I’m trying… and at the very least I can tell what looks obviously awkward/unappealing.As of a few weeks ago I made the discovery that despite regular washings that sweat is really doing a number on my graphic t-shirt collection (yes, I know, not the height of male fashion.) I don’t profusely sweat or anything, but I apparently was sucking in the laundry department (no pre-treatment, etc. just throw it in with detergent and cold water and then hang dry.) So, now I’m going through the “OxyClean/Biz I hope you get these pit/back stains out.” phase which has been… moderately successful, but also a little harsh on some stains (changing the color of the fabric where the stain is at and making it look even worse for example.)Long story short, beyond being better about washing, all signs for combating sweat stains pointed towards undershirts. I forget where I found the info, but it was suggested to wear crew-neck undershirts with crew-neck clothing. But, wearing a crew-neck undershirt with a crew-neck t-shirt is kind of wonky… I feel as if the collar pokes out or reveals itself as I tend to wear my shirts not skin tight. I’m trying an experiment with some cheap V-Necks to see if that helps at all…But, basically I feel as if I’m dressing like a 12 year old even more now with these undershirts showing. But, the no undershirt alternative basically means I stain my shirts and reduce their longevity. I’ve considered everything from different colored undershirts, weird cuts (swoop necks, extended v neck), etc. but those solutions seem to be pretty expensive… hell, I even considered dying my white undershirts in Black Tea and purposefully staining them to make them more Caucasian skin toned so they blend in more (an old theater trick.)Any helpful input or suggestions, whether it’s for avoiding sweat stains (while not using stain causing antiperspirants), for finding an undershirt you can wear under a t-shirt without looking like a dork, or washing tricks to help remove sweat stains and also not damage a shirt’s longevity?
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