I don’t know how to dress my weirdly-proportioned post-weight-loss body

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I don’t know how to dress my weirdly-proportioned post-weight-loss body
So, short summary, I was morbidly obese for my whole childhood (peaking at ~295 lbs at 5’10”). I lost it all and got to a normal weight at age 18. At 19, I started working out every day, counting all calories, and following daily macronutrient goals. I’m 22 now.Because of my obese history, my body is still a little messed up, proportionally. I have significant loose skin left over around my lower stomach, thighs, and butt. I also seem to store a disproportionate amount of fat in my thighs and around my kidneys.These issues make it difficult to find clothing combinations that fit well. My big thighs make it so that my proportions are borderline-feminine in most combinations of shirts and pants. I can solve this by wearing a more form-fitting or tucked-in shirt that emphasizes my torso and chest, but then the loose skin on my stomach becomes more noticeable and takes on a “potbelly”-like appearance and visibly shakes when I walk. My kidney fat also noticeably sticks out while wearing tight shirts and pants. I’ve included pictures to illustrate what I’m talking about.http://imgur.com/IcUjKqVhttp://imgur.com/LYmBM1whttp://imgur.com/7KblgRjhttp://imgur.com/R1sZj1SThe clothes I’m wearing in the pictures were picked because I feel they best demonstrate my weird proportions.Theoretically, cutting should be able to solve these issues, but I’ve been doing that for four months and I’ve plateaued at 145 lbs. I’m down to 1800 calories a day while exercising every day (alternating between a full-body calisthenics routine and a 3.5 mile run), and, frankly, I’m getting scrawny and I’m tired of being hungry all the time.Is there a certain approach someone with my odd body-shape should take when picking out clothes? Am I missing something obvious? I look okay when wearing some sort of open jacket or sweatshirt in addition to a regular shirt, because that makes my upper-body larger to match up with my thighs, but I don’t want to be restricted to only wearing outfits that include jackets. Any help is appreciated.
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