Briefcases that nail the dressy casual/slightly formal look like the Timbuk2 Hudson?

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Briefcases that nail the dressy casual/slightly formal look like the Timbuk2 Hudson?
I’ve been on the lookout (for a year, now) for a briefcase – soft-shelled and with a shoulder strap – that convincingly straddles the dressed-up casual look as well as the semi-formal look. I’d prefer to stay away from leather because of the weather in my country (a lot of rain). The Timbuk2 Hudson briefcase and Proof messenger product descriptions express what I mean very well: “Built for life and work in the city, the Proof Messenger works with a blazer or a hoody.” and “Built with the business traveler in mind, the Hudson Briefcase dresses up or down with ease…”Essentially, something that can look stylish and fashionable both running down on an errand or a day out in the city, and in more formal events like dressed-up dinners or business meetings. It shouldn’t look too stuffy, business-like or ‘banker’, but shouldn’t look out of place with a blazer at a fancy dinner. I really like the Timbuk2 Hudson Briefcase for this look, but the Gray model is permanently out of stock everywhere, and Timbuk2 themselves say it is never coming back.The black option is still available, but solid black seems less versatile in terms of colour matching, to me (I often wear navy blue chinos, jackets and formal trousers), and also seems to lean a bit further towards the formal and corporate look.Again, here is the Timbuk2 Hudson in grey, that will never be available again.What’s in the market for similar looks that are versatile
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