I think I fucked up buying my first real suits.

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I think I fucked up buying my first real suits.
I’m worried I made a mistake and was hoping someone might have some experience to help me. I needed some new suits for some upcoming work events so I went to Jos. A Bank with pretty much no idea of what I was doing. They were having a buy one get one deal, and I thought, hey, that sounds great. So I picked out two suits, one from their signature collection and another from the traveler’s. They were both marked $698, so the travelers was free. This was last Saturday.This was expensive but no more than I was expecting to pay. I got my measurements for alterations and they said it would be ready June 17th. However, upon looking at their website today, they are having a massive clearance event. The signature suit is $199 and the traveler’s for $299. So even without the BOGO offer I could have saved $200. So now I feel ripped off. I have a few ideas of what I could do. Please let me know which of these sounds most viable.Ideally call the store, ask about the deal, and see if I can get it applied to my order that is currently being altered.Call cancel the order, reorder the same suits online, and then take them in to be altered once they have been shipped to me.Go into the store and ask them about switching out the order.Does anyone have any insight on this? Will the online deals even apply in-store? Would really appreciate some help, thanks in advance!
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