Monthlong WAYWT Results Thread

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Monthlong WAYWT Results Thread
it’s finally that time! post your album in the comments! comment on others! upvote! let people know you saw their albums!!i’ve included some discussion questions that you may be interested in answering some or all of:what’s the context of your album? what do you do for work? how old are you? where do you live?what are your favorite fits from this month?what are your least favorite fits from this month?are there any items you found yourself over-relying on? any you want to use more?what patterns do you notice in your fits? is there anything you’d like to change? anything you’d like to do more of?overall, are you happy with your album? what would you change?have you learned anything from this experience? would you do it again?
Mens Hair Styles 2015
Submitted by sconleye


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