Son of a Tailor – Part 1, The Problem, the Solution, and the Ordering Process

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Son of a Tailor – Part 1, The Problem, the Solution, and the Ordering Process
IntroI’ve been kicking around the idea of ordering some shirts from Son of a Tailor for some time, and I finally pulled the trigger yesterday. I’m pretty excited about it, and I thought maybe I’d do a couple posts here for you all. I’ll start with this one explaining why, and talking about the ordering process. I’ll follow up with part 2 once I receive the shirts. This brand has been discussed a couple times here, but not much and not in great detail, so I thought this could be some interesting new content.The ProblemI’m short, and I’m a bit over weight. I’m 5’5″ and I bounce from around 168lb to 175lb. Finding clothes that fit well and look good is difficult. So much so that I had kind of stopped trying through my late 20’s (when I put on this weight) but I’m now making more of an effort again.After spending most of my 20’s thinking that T-shirts were sloppy / low effort, I started wearing them again a couple years ago. I’ve found some that fit decently, but those are hard to find. To make matters worse, manufacturers are always changing their designs so I can’t bank on being able to go back to someone and re-order without trying on.This means that buying T-shirts is a hassle every time, and the end result still isn’t a very good fitting shirt.Here is an example of one of my better fitting T-shirts. Now this fit isn’t terrible, but it’s not great.The biggest problems here are the length and the sleeves. In this picture, the front of the shirt is folded up and under a little bit, as a force of habit, but it’s still too long. And in 5 minutes, it will be around an inch or two longer once that fold falls out. The sleeves are maybe .5″ – 1″ too long, and too loose. What you can’t see is the armhole is too large, and the shoulder seam sits a bit too far outside of my shoulder bone. These two things mean that the shirt lifts up substantially when I raise my arm, and then does not fall back into place well when I lower my arm. There’s also too much material around my chest, which I think causes the neck hole to lay a bit funny. So basically, this is the best this shirt will look, and it’s not a great look.The SolutionI ordered a couple suits and some dress shirts from two different M2M / custom clothiers, and that got me looking into M2M / custom for other types of clothing. There are hundreds of players doing suits, coats, and dress shirts, but nowhere near as many options for casual clothing. After digging around, I basically found 2 options for T-shirts. The first was to buy off the rack and tailor. The second was custom, through Son of a Tailor.I’m not crazy about the off the rack option. I figure I’m going to pay at least $20 for the shirt and $30 to get it tailored, so we’re at the same price point as Son of a Tailor. Off the rack also means I still have to search for the best shirt to start with, which is difficult for me. With my extra weight, a shirt that fits around my chest and belly will usually be too wide in the shoulders and too large in the arms & armholes. So off the rack is out. Same price, more effort, lower quality look.That left Son of a Tailor.The Ordering ProcessSon of a Tailor has three different methods you can use to size your custom T-shirts.IdealSize – their proprietary algorithm that chooses dimensions for you based on 4 questions.Body Measurements – have a friend measure 5 measurements of your upper body.T-shirt measurements – manually enter based on your favorite T-shirts.I started off with the IdealSize algorithm. You enter height, weight, age, and shoe size. They give you shirt dimensions. They claim to have a 90% success rate with this method. They also have a perfect fit guarantee, so if you’re in the 10% who doesn’t have a perfect fit, you can adjust as needed and they will remake for you.Next I tried taking my own measurements. I did this with a combination of some measurements I had from my suit fittings, and some that I took myself. Probably not the best quality on the ones I took myself, but I wanted to see how it varied from the IdealSize. With the self-measure method, I came up with a shirt fairly close to the IdealSize, but wider in the waist and chest, by several inches.Finally, I decided to do some testing with an existing T-shirt. I used the shirt in the picture above, pinning it until I had a better fitting shirt and then taking off, lying flat, and measuring the dimensions of the pinned shirt. The dimensions of this shirt ended up within 1” of every dimension of the IdealSize suggestion. Now I’m pretty comfortable because I like the way this shirt fits, and it’s also really close to their recommendation based on their own research.With sizing taken care of, it’s time to design the shirt. They offer two fabric choices.Medium weight is 100% Supima cotton, 150 g / m2. They describe it as “A lighter fabric perfect for warmer months or under a shirt”.Medium-heavy weight is 95% Supima cotton, 5% elastane, 170 g / m2, described as “A heavy fabric with a pinch of elastane for flexibility”.I went with the medium weight, as I will primarily be wearing in the summer.They offer 11 colors in the medium weight fabric and 4 colors in the medium-heavy. I ordered two medium weight: a darker blue and a lighter blue.Neck: they have 4 neck offerings. Crew or V, each of those with a rib or single stich.Sleeve: two options, classic or folded.Pocket: three options: none, pointed, or rounded.Initials: they allow you to put your initials on the bottom of the shirt, I chose not to.Pricing is based on number of shirts ordered. The price is $60 for one shirt, $52.50 each for 2 – 4 shirts, and $45 for 5 or more shirts. Since I ordered two shirts, I paid $105 total. They did not charge sales tax or shipping, so it was $105 even.They accept credit card payments or PayPal. Probably because they are in Denmark, my credit card flagged the transaction as fraud and denied payment. A text alert from the credit card, and a response authorizing it, and then I re-ran the transaction and it went through no problem.A few minutes later I received a confirmation email with the details of the shirts, price, and shipping address.Back on their web site, they’ve got an order history tab where I can check the status of my order. It was initially “pending”. Now it is “being processed”. My only complaint here is that it does not have an estimated completion date or estimated delivery date, but their FAQ states that they’re currently running 20 to 27 days from order to delivery.I hope you all find this usefully. I’ll be back in 3 – 4 weeks to review the actual product once I receive it.
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