Movie Discussions: The Schedule

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Movie Discussions: The Schedule
Starting next week, we’ll be having biweekly discussions on various directors, movies, and genres. The focus is of course going to be the fashion, but broader discussion on the overall style is also appropriate. I’ll try to do a write up for each topic, likely of varying quality.I tried to pick movies that were more than “generic male protagonist wears a nice suit” and offered more in-depth discussion, but obviously my own taste played a role. We can add more movies towards the end depending on how well this goes. Feel free to offer feedback below.DateTopicDescriptionJune 14Wes AndersonWe’re starting off with the no-brainer– Wes Anderson’s movies have such a distinctive style from the camera work to the color pallette. Plenty of options for discussion.June 28AkiraOne of the greatest sci-fi and animated movies of all time, Akira and its contemporaries helped define our vision of the future. It’s also one of Kanye West’s favorite movies, so it’s required viewing.July 5David LynchWith the new season of Twin Peaks airing, it makes sense to take a look at David Lynch’s work. Beyond television and film, Lynch has also collaborated with Dior, Kenzo, and other designers, lending his surreal touch.July 19Coen BrothersYou can tell a lot about a person based on what their favorite Coen Brothers movie is. Is it the Big Lebowski or Fargo or No Country for Old Men or Inside Llewyn Davis? Each one has a unique look that tells a lot about the universe the movie’s set in.August 2Ghost in the ShellTechwear. What else needs to be said?August 16French New WaveBudget limitations turn into stylistic flair: am I describing French New Wave or the goals of every MFA user? Grab some wine and reflect on the meaning of life, or just bury the gaping hole with more clothes.August 30Satoshi KonEven if you’ve never seen a Satoshi Kon movie, you’ve seen his influence. This is still one of the greatest openings to a movie I’ve ever seen.Shout out to /u/setfiretoflames who’s responsible for at least half of these.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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