Very Large young male looking for fashion advice.

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Very Large young male looking for fashion advice.
Hi everyone. I’m a 300 lbs 6 foot young adult who’s going into college and would like to revamp my look. While I’m working on losing weight, I’m trying to turn my life around for the better as a whole and would very much like some help by being put in the right direction for what I should look fashion wise.Some information about me:I have an oval face and keep trimmed facial hair and glassesI have a round body, with very broad shouldersI have long hair but soon will be going into a stylist to get a pompadour style cut as I have a widows peak coming in (at full force too)In general I wear baggy jeans and a band or game tshirtIdeally I would like outfits that can work with a nice pair of shoes, or something like vansI’ve been trying to do research online but I pretty much only find fashion advice for older gentlemen that’s more business casual related. I just want to be able to find outfits that work with my body and gives me a bit of a confidence. They don’t need to be insanely on-the-ball trend wise either. Just something I can wear day to day that looks nice. Thank you so much.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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