Bang bang, a few fast-paced questions

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Bang bang, a few fast-paced questions
I have a few questions, each undeserving of its own thread.Question #1: I have a grey blazer that used to fit me absolutely perfectly. It was off-the-shelf, and fit like it was custom tailored to every feature of my body. Fast-forward 6 months, and the arm holes are too tight. Everything else is still good. This blazer was (on sale) about $300 CAD. Should I get a new blazer, or is it reasonable to go and get the arm holes widened (just below the armpits)?Question #2: I am planning to buy 3 new suits, and 3 new blazers. I currently own one dark navy blue suit (new), and a few blazers. I would consider 1 of my blazers a nice dress one, and the rest range on the casual side (except the grey one mentioned above which is great but needs fixing). I was thinking about getting these three suits:(lighter navy blue than what I own) grey — I don’t like certain charcoal suits, this one seems nice though?), staple?) far as stand-alone blazers go, I was thinking about getting a new light grey one if the current one can’t be tailored, a new light blue one (summer light blue), and I’m not sure about a third. I want all the blazers to be versatile, by being able to perform in a reasonably (but not terribly) formal environment but still work with dress jeans.Question #3: When buying new suits, I’d like to keep things slightly conservative. A bit of room to fluctuate in weight, but nothing ridiculous. Do you have any recommendations on that front? As in, I’d like to have a new suit fit about a 37-inch waist, but still look good if I drop to a 33-inch waist. Right now I’m about a 38 inch waist, weighing in at 218lbs. If I lost about 40lbs, I’d be at my ideal 32-inch waist weight ready for summer. I don’t look fat at all, just bulked up a bit from hitting the weights / eating poorly. I put weight on across my whole body. I’m just not sure if I’ll end up having a wardrobe for 3 different weights that I fluctuate between (180, 200, 220). Even my shoulders fluctuate between a 42 and a 44 (currently a 44, but when I’m really pushing the weights I can move up to a 45 when I’m doing a lot of overhead press work).
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