MFA Interviews, Vol. 7 – VanDykeParks

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
MFA Interviews, Vol. 7 – VanDykeParks
Welcome to another installment of MFA interviews. Last time we talked to Farmer Blove. Check out below to see what everyone’s favorite Brian Wilson contributor said.Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do without giving us enough info to find you on Tinder.I’m 24, I live in the Chicago area, and I do graphic design. When I’m not doing that, shitposting on MFA, or generally spending too much time on the internet, I mostly just get together with my friends and we make food, eat food, drink, talk about music, dance about architecture, etc.What got you into fashion in the first place?I was about to graduate from college, and I really just wanted to look okay interviewing for and working at jobs with actual grown-up type people. Before, I basically just wore black canvas sneakers, 511s, plain tees, and a gray zip-up hoodie every day. It didn’t look bad per se, but it was inoffensive at best and sloppy at worst. Naturally, I turned to reddit for research, as I always do for things like this.You see, I’m a bit of what I would call a serial hobbyist—something grabs my attention, I fixate on it, and I obsessively learn everything I can about it. Eventually, I reach a certain level of proficiency with it, get bored, and move on to something else. This is what happened with fashion. Normally, I would have gotten bored by now, but MFA’s community sucked me in, and it’s really kept me engaged with the hobby in a way that doesn’t tend to happen for me.What is your best or favorite purchase? Or one that really made you change?Hender Schemes for best. I got ‘em for like $150 on Rakuten because they had some stain on one of them (which was completely unnoticeable after a week of them darkening with wear). Also, they somehow arrived on Christmas day, like some sort of Christmas miracle. Anyway, they’ve been very good to me. Easily my most worn item. They work with everything I own, and they’ve only gotten better over time.For one that made me change, I got these ffiXXed pants a few months ago, and they felt like a pretty sizable shift for me. They were certainly the widest pants I owned at the time, but they were also just different from the rest of my wardrobe. I didn’t have a clue how I was gonna wear them, but I just really liked them. Pickups like that are always what get me the most excited, because they give me something to try to figure out, and they force me to experiment and to use my clothes in new ways. These pants forced me to try wider silhouettes and more relaxed vibes (since they’re basically fancy pajama pants).Talk to me about your style evolution. Describe what has occurred from your first post to your most recent. In particular, talk about how you have come to love and superbly match patterns.My pants got wider, my hair fell out, and I spent too much money. Anyway, I never used to wear patterns at all; it was all solids all the time for me. I think this stemmed from my graphic design background, where solid color fields are the norm, and patterns are far less common. Eventually, I started seeing fashion as more of its own separate creative pursuit, one with different elements to work with, different sets of norms, and altogether different goals. Patterns were a part of that. They were a new set of visual elements to try to work into something cohesive. Also, I just think there’s a certain artistry to a great pattern.Aside from patterns, I’d say I’ve generally gone from wanting to appear presentable to wanting to convey a sense of who I am through clothing (as I think has been the path of a lot of users here). I don’t really care whether I exude professionalism anymore; I’d much rather exude a sense of “hey that dude looks weird but like in a cool and interesting way. he probably knows a lot about the beach boys and makes good falafel.”What brands or designers are particularly exciting to you right now?STORY mfg., obvi. But honestly, I’ve never really focused much on following the outputs of brands or designers outside of them. I tend to fixate more on random, specific pieces that I come across. Story’s super cool, though; I love their aesthetic and everything they stand for as a company (sustainable design, ethical manufacturing, empowering remote communities, mixing traditional processes with modern tech).Aside from that, I’ve been dipping my toes slightly into DIY stuff, which seems promising. I’ve done some weird tie-dye and just general dyeing recently. It’s all gone pretty poorly so far, and it hasn’t resulted in anything wearable (or even show-able), but it’s been a good learning experience. I always feel more of a connection to things that I had somewhat of a hand in the design of. It’s partially why I keep turning to made-to-measure when I want something that’s just so. Also, it helps satisfies my tendency to be extremely picky about the things that I own.I think STORY mfg. really suits you. Where do you see your style going in the immediate future?For one, it’ll likely keep getting looser, but generally I’d say I see it just getting more varied and playful. My style has felt kind of all over the place the last few months (for me, at least), and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I used to always have some sort of vague guidelines in my head for how to put outfits together—what can pair with what, what can be worn how—but those have broken down more and more over time as I experiment and break those rules. Which is good because that kind of thinking, while helpful at first, can end up being very limiting. It’s opened a lot of doors to new styles for me, and I hope to see that trend continue. However, this could all change soon as I’m likely going to be switching jobs in the near future, which will certainly have a big influence on my day-to-day style, for better or worse. ¯(ツ)/¯Last question: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kellyanne Conway, Martha Stewart.Hatefuck Kellyanne Conway, marry Ruth Bader Ginsburg, kill Martha StewartBig thanks to u/VanDykeParks for participating!
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