Are there any type of synthetic clothes which are dressy enough look good/get into clubs, when going out etc?

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Are there any type of synthetic clothes which are dressy enough look good/get into clubs, when going out etc?
Since I am allergic to the dust mites which live on cotton based clothing I avoid it where I can but so far have not been able to think of a dress clothes alternative to things like trousers and t shirts.I wear shell tracksuits around the house but it becomes impractical if I need to go look anyway presentable to the outside world so I have put up with wearing cotton. It can be not noticeable if I am on the move walking around but if I have to sit around for a while the allergens will waft into my nose and start to cause a reaction. Also when storing them at home it become another thing I need to quarantine.I wonder if there are any options I may not have thought of for a replacement of those couple of garments?I only need a couple of pairs of decent clothes to cycle; I live by very modest means :). Maybe there are some options for synthetic type suits. I like wearing trousers anyway in general cos they are lighter. The trouble is that synthetic and dressy don’t usually go together and is usually associate with tacky/chavvy etc so my options are limited. Limited is fine as long as there was something out there :). It isn’t like a major thing but it would be nice take my allergen prevention game up a notch. It’s just like hay fever in that it isn’t life threatening but you are miserable when it is affecting you so you wanna avoid it as much as possible.The material has to be very ‘plasticy’ like shell material so that nothing could cling to it yet also be smart. A contradiction in terms? Leather is the obvious one but I don’t think you can be head to toe in leather unless I take up the biker lifestyle :).Or pvc… 🙂 unless there is some more tasteful stuff around than the bdsm stuff. I doubt pvc trousers would be comfortable though but a top yes I could see that working though prob not breathable.
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