Did blue jeans go out of style in favour of black?

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Did blue jeans go out of style in favour of black?
6-10 years ago, everyone wore dark wash jeans, but now in most European cities, London especially, probably NYC and East coast cities too with temperate/coldish/darkish climates black jeans are more the norm.I still see people recommending dark wash jeans as the jean of choice or the first jean to own. But black are more versatile for night time and temperate greyish daytime climates and can be worn with pretty much anything, and if you wear a black t-shirt you pull off a monochrome look. More formal than blue jeans, they’re easier to dress up. if worn with white vans, they dress down well.I just can’t think of a situation – aside daytime summer weather where blue (or white) is the culture, e.g. I suppose Florida…(but not the UK even in summer) – where dark blue jeans are better than black.I’m wondering because I bought a pair of indigo jeans recently (5-10 years ago i used to live in them) and a pair of new black jeans…I just think there’s no point in buying something you won’t wear that much….and i can’t see why I’d wear the blue over the black…/diatribe
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