How long do you guys spend a day picking your outfit/doing clothing related activities?

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How long do you guys spend a day picking your outfit/doing clothing related activities?
I like to think I dress relatively good. I spend much more time working out on my physical fitness level and my career/hobbies but definitely respect the art of being a well dressed man.But I gotta admit, I usually roll out of bed and just grab whatever clothes I have in my room. I have a bunch of plain no logo t-shirts, long sleeve dress shirts (which I roll up), nice blue jeans, a wrist watch, and then blue/grey/beige shorts and black ankle socks. Basically your generic movie character. I also have a nice light black coat that matches my generic black skater shoes- which I work out in. I have nice dress shoes, polo shoes and other ones you have to tie up every time… but it seems like an inconvenience of untying/retying shoes everytime I go to the gym- so the skater shoes are very accessible.I spend maybe 2-5 minutes getting dressed MAX. Basically just get rid of all stuff I shouldn’t be wearing, but dont really have select outfits or days I wear certain stuff. Just mix and match. If I’m going out that night maybe I’ll spend 10 minutes.I don’t know, I feel like it’s counterproductive to focus too much on fashion and having a sick outfit. I’d like to dress better but it seems like such a money pit and timesink, especially buying stuff new and at retail prices. I spend maybe $300 a year on new clothes, most from second hand stores. What about you guys?Without a doubt simplifying my warddrobe and changing a few things (like shirts that fit, dark colors, no name brand, dress shirts .etc) has improved my “fashion sense” but I still feel like theirs bigger fish to fry. Constantly shopping, speculating clothing combinations, reading online posts, and shoe/clothing maintenance (washing, drying, .etc) is a lot of time consumption.
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