[Piece Highlight/New] Thom Browne Koi+Chrysanthemum Jacquard Sportcoat/Trousers

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[Piece Highlight/New] Thom Browne Koi+Chrysanthemum Jacquard Sportcoat/Trousers
Inspired a little bit by the new boot highlight threads in the GYW sub I thought I would highlight a recent acquisition that isn’t seen very often. That piece being a Thom Browne sport coat and pants from what I believe is the spring/summer ’16 season – whichever season had koi and chrysanthemum as a reoccuring embroidery theme. I’ve been trying to find more information on the season/collection these pieces originate from.To start – Jacket FrontThe second I saw this fabric and that it was my size I knew I had to have it. This jacket is cut in the very typical TB cut – sleeves 1-2″ above wrist bone and the bottom of the jacket is hemmed all the way up to the first button. The jacket is unlined in the back so the fabric does breathe some – but doesn’t do much good if you’re wearing a thick oxford shirt. In the inside of the front it is lined with the usual RW+B cupro for the inside pockets.The jacket has notch lapels in a 3 roll 2. Around the back of the lapel you can see the uneven hand stitching around the lapel edges and around the back so that the neck/lapel contours to the body better.The cuffs are functional and have the usual TB grosgrain along the inside. Since the sleeves are cut so short there is no worry about needing the sleeves tailored later on.Around the back the jacket has the typical TB grosgrain loop near the lapel. It has double vents in the back Vent constructionSomething interesting I noticed on the labels of the jacket is that it is apparently a sample piece. There is no label stating what the fabric is made of – but I assume it is made of the same 77 cotton/23 nylon mix the trousers have.Now for the trousersAgain, the fabric on these pants are phenomenal. The pattern is chrysanthemum flowers and koi fish – which was a reoccuring theme in that season.The fabric is constructed of 77% cotton/23% nylon both with cupro linings.Around back the trousers have the grosgrain loop and elastic/grosgrain buttons for sizing.On the inside of the trousers you can see how the stamped pattern creates a more breathable fabric where the light comes through easier. The front of the pants are lined with the RW+B cupro like the jacket. Some may have noticed that the jacket is a size 0 while the pants are a size 1. They didn’t have the matching size 0 pants so I got the size 1 and had them taken in.The pants come unhemmed so when I brought them to the tailor I printed out this exact picture to be done like that. I work with this tailor often and we’ve found that 1.75″ cuffs look best on me as opposed to the 2″ cuffs Thom usually does. This is how they turned out – Angle pictureAnd finally a top down fit picture of the trousers.I hope y’all enjoyed seeing the details on this Thom Browne suit. I am really excited to start working this into my wardrobe in various ways.In addition to the more “formal” suit I plan on getting some white CP Achilles (how do I not have white sneakers?) to wear the trousers more casually/shirt untucked. It actually surprised me how much I would be able to work these trousers into my wardrobe along with white sneakers.If anyone has any outfit ideas I would love to hear them. I will be wearing the full suit out this weekend so I plan on taking a few fit pictures for Monday’s WAYWT.
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