How do generic shoes compare to their original counterpart?

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How do generic shoes compare to their original counterpart?
Hi, I’d like to know your opinions about shoes, and their original counterparts.Heads up, this post is pretty lengthy!Take for example, white canvas shoes, which virtually every company has a identical copy of. Here is UNIQLO’s interpretation of canvas shoes, in comparison to your staple Van’s slip-ons.In addition, there is another example of UNIQLO’s canvas sneakers in comparison to Converse Chuck Taylors which was in recent acquired by Nike.This is not to rag on UNIQLO, or associated companies, by any means, but to show the prevalence of generic shoes in the market. Frankly, it isn’t a new keen observation, but I’m just interested in gauging the opinion of the subreddit.Thanks!EDIT: Not only is UNIQLO fast fashion, but also other manufacturers and retailers are included, too.
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