A reflection on buying a designer belt.

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A reflection on buying a designer belt.
A reflection on buying a designer belt To start off, I want to say that the perspective is from a highschool student, and that I want to say that I recognize that MFA generally dislikes designer belts. However, I continue to write this as I’d consider it educational or useful for creating discussion. Just over a year now, I bought a reversible brown/black Ferragamo belt. At the time, I had lurked MFA for a under a year, and had decent MFA basics. I also had a thing for buying lots of shoes(I plan to write a separate reflection on this topic soon). Having relatively solid basics, I wanted to move on, get more, try more. Male fashion hooked me; I wanted more. One thing specifically that had captivated me was a Ferragamo belt. Not a super flashy red belt with a huge buckle. A regular black/brown belt with the smallest silver double gancio belt buckle offered by Ferragamo. They retail for $340, but when I bought it, I bought it from Nordstrom during a $25 off each $100, making the total $265 +tax.In the past year a couple things have happened to me fashion related. My style has definitely improved by a lot, I have mostly stopped impulsive buying, only buying things that actually fit my style and wardrobe, and most relevant to this story, I’ve worn the Ferragamo belt almost every single day… However, I got to say, it’s held up pretty damn well. I’ve worn the belt on the black side with pretty much everything, and on the brown side with my suit because it matches my brown dress shoes nearly perfectly.Therefore, this brings me to the important part, the reflection. Although I had impluse bought quite a few things, the belt wasn’t one of them. I had really wanted it for about a month or two before I finally bought it. Before buying it, I didn’t really have any good quality belts, just a few cheap Kohls and Macys belts. I started thinking about this topic because I was looking at some inspiration albums that had “shop the look” and I kept seeing belts (not designer, just various regular belts). So, by buying one Ferragamo belt, I had limited myself because I put so much money into just one item which most people wouldn’t consider a necessity, and two, because I had an expensive belt I never really looked at buying other cheaper regular belts. However, now I realize that it’s time to move on and start shopping for a couple quality belts. I want to set a goal of first not wearing the Ferragamo every single day, and then to move on to rarely wearing it unless it’s with my brown dress shoes because it matches nearly perfectly. Do I regret buying it? Most definitely no. I wanted it and didn’t really know where to go next fashion wise. At the time, it was a grail for me. Many grails are expensive and aren’t “worth it” financially for most, they’re absolutely worth it for each individual. Furthermore, now I see what I did wrong which allows me to grow and continue to develop my style.
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