In need of some shoes

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In need of some shoes
So I’m a 19 yr old living in North Carolina from California. I’ve lived here a good chunk of my life which kind of makes me wear the more traditional southern “style” or in my case, mainly, just the typical older man style.Depending on what the occasion is I wear either a button down, polo, sporty polo, or a Tshirt with short khaki shorts, straight (snug not skinny jean snug but like not baggy in any way) jeans, and some driving mocassins, vans, or for extremely causal occasions just some random pair of Nikes.Recently, however, I’ve been swaying towards being different and going for a look that makes it seem as if I’m “not trying as hard”. I prefer a Tshirt that fits right on the shoulders but is slightly “baggy”. I wouldn’t say a size too big, or anything that extreme, I just don’t like when a shirt is the “perfect” fit and just goes past the top of my pants.So, why I’m here; I want a pair of sneakers. I’m in college so I own New Balances (that’s just how it works) but I hate them. I just feel like a douche. So, I was wondering if there’s any hidden sneaker or shoe or whatever out there, that’s in style, that I can wear often. I’ve been looking at Asics (Gel-Lyte iii or V) recently but haven’t found anything neutral enough to be worn often without being black, grey, white, or khaki.Does anyone know of a sneaker that, is in style, can be worn with almost any outfit (almost any Tshirt, jeans/khaki shorts), and is no more than $150?Thanks so much
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