Backpacking Fashion…

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Backpacking Fashion…
Hey everyone,I’m backpacking through some of Europe and Eastern Asia later this summer and wanted to get some input on how to look decent while having a few shirts and shorts and one pair of shoes. I am taking a 21L backpack and I am pretty much a minimalist in all other aspects of my lift other than my wardrobe so I feel like I need someones input other than my own to create a versatile wardrobe with ~10 items. Keep in mind, it would be preferable if these items were sort of “technical” in nature, cotton isn’t the best option.Here is my idea so far–Pair of red athletic shortsPair of olive shortsPair of gray shorts5 t-shirts (I’d appreciate color and brand recommendations)1 polo or oxford (Love help with this too)Pair of shoes (I was thinking white converse just for simplicity)I was thinking of scrapping the gray shorts and ordering a khaki pair. Also, I omitted underwear and socks from the list as they are kind of irrelevant in this case.For t-shirts, for reference, I love the fit of J. Crew’s factory slim tee’s. I don’t have any experience with other makes unfortunately. I also may throw in a rain shell or wind breaker.Thanks for any and all help!
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