I Only Have One Key – Slim Wallet With Key Holder?

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I Only Have One Key – Slim Wallet With Key Holder?
I have one key in my life. It opens up my apartment. It’s great at what it does, but it does put me in a tricky spot. A key ring for a single key is silly, and carrying it loose is asking for disaster. Wallets with key rings built in just make both things more inconvenient. So for now I have a fairly bulky wallet and I put my key in one of the card holders. It falls out occasionally though, because those pockets aren’t made to hold keys in.My thought has been to find a nice slim wallet that allows me to store my key internally. The only one I’ve seen so far that even comes close is the Vestige Card Carrier 2.0 but I worry about how well it would hold my key. Ideally I’d like a slim wallet with something like the Orbitkey built in. My googling skills have turned up lot of things, but nothing that fits the bill.One thing I definitely don’t want is another thing in my pocket, so a separate key holder is out. Wallet with key in my left, phone in my right. I’m particular 😉
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