Movie Discussion 6/14: Wes Anderson

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Movie Discussion 6/14: Wes Anderson
It was a given that Wes Anderson had to be one of the discussion topics for this series. It would be a crime otherwise. A thread last week discussed the difference between well-dressed and stylish. Wes Anderson understands the value of making sure your characters have style. Well-dressed characters might get compliments and admiring glances, but viewers remember style, even if they forget everything else. There’s value in standing out from the crowd.You could identify a Wes Anderson movie in seconds. While other directors might use tracking shots and symmetrical staging and distinct color palletes and quirky characters, very few put them all together the way Anderson does. It’s a style he’s developed more and more over the years, and it’s one that’s easy to fall in love with. FFA had a fantastic Wes Anderson Theme WAYWT over a year ago that shows how easy it is to draw inspiration from his movies.While we’re discussing Wes Anderson movies in general, it’s important to note that his movies will differ in some very clear ways. You’d never mistake a shot from the Grand Budapest Hotel with one from Moonrise Kingdom, though they both have some stylistic similarities. Apart from the obvious differences in color pallete, it’s worth looking at how characters blend in or contrast their environment and why they do so. We’ve talked about that just recently in a Weekly Fashion Discussion, and for a lot of people, it revolved around considering your setting. We try to keep in mind where we are and the general expectations that go with it. Not all characters do. These fashion choices tell us a lot about a character’s place in the world and what they value.Any more thoughts? Have any albums compiled from his movies? Any fits inspired by Wes Anderson? Feedback on the movie series in general? This isn’t something we’ve done before, so we appreciate your thoughts as we try to bring more discussion to MFA. Apologies for the writing, I just remembered I had to do this at 2 am yesterday. Also, check out .
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