My trip to Disney World and product reviews for hot / wet summer trips

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My trip to Disney World and product reviews for hot / wet summer trips
This is as much /r/malefunctionadvice as anything but here goes.I thought I’d review and share some of the items I brought with me to Disney World last week. This is more of a function review but almost everything I packed pops up from time to time on malefashionadvice so I thought I’d give my review.Here are the circumstances, had to pack for Disney world in Orlando, FL and had to prepare for both 90+ degrees as well as torrential rain for roughly 10 hour days (couldn’t head back to the hotel just to change). Some things worked out great others did not. For reference I’m 6’3” 180lbs. First up:Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket (buffallo green, L): torrentshell was my savior. It handled the rain like a champ, can be folded and packed into its own pocket and could hang on my bag with a carabiner. I just made sure to un-pack it at the end of the day so it could dry out. I probably put this on and took it off at least three times a day while out exploring the parks. Weather was very unpredictable.Next up, the hat. I debated taking a hat but as it happens I had some important business meetings the day after I got back from vacation and I didn’t want to show up with a sunburned nose, or ears or neck. I ended up getting a Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Hat (22.75”). This, combined with the torrentshell kept me dry the entire time. Waiting in lines with pouring down rain, still able to pick my kids up on my back when their legs get tired, etc. This hat and the jacket were my one-two punch against the rain and they worked flawlessly. It stayed cool in the sun and has good straps to protect against flying off in the wind and rides. footwear I decided to go with Keen’s and a closed toe. No socks required, nice and breathable but also protected the toes from the little feet of my kids while waiting in line. I’ve had my pair for many years, I’m not seeing them on the keen site but they were very similar to these: shirts, I had several cotton t-shirts. Cotton turned out to not be a great choice, didn’t breathe, didn’t dry very quickly. I also had one KUHL shirt which turned out to be a better choice than the others. I had a similar issue with the shorts but ultimately a pair of patagonia’s were my favorites and offered best drying dealt while dealing with the heat and rain.Last but not least, I did take a sling bag with me. This bag has a clip on it that I attached the Torrentshell to when I wasn’t using it. Taking the bag on the rides worked out great and I never had any problems getting on the rides. I could fit a full bottle of water in it, also an extra battery pack to charge my or my wife’s phone. Additionally, I had some snacks, pair of aviators, and kept a couple of smaller souvenirs in it when purchased.Bonus Travel Info:I travel with the Tom Bihn Aeronaut-45. I can fit all of my clothes in it and always do it via carry-on. also use travel space saver bags. I don’t typically put things in I don’t want to get wrinkled (shirts, pants, etc) but underwear, socks, white undershirts, etc. are all fair game. They really can save some space and the same is true for dirty clothes on the way home (helped make some room for souvenirs). Also we put all of the kids clothes in one of these bags, some ironing was required but they’re still young kids and that didn’t take long: many summer trips coming up, I hope someone finds this list useful. Cheers!
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