A minimalist leather messenger bag?

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A minimalist leather messenger bag?
Hi everybody,I was hoping MFA could help me find a minimalist leather messenger bag. I don’t like straps, or clasps. And, as per this post by /u/inherentlyawesome on bags, I think I would prefer “full-grain” or “top-grain” leatherPerhaps something like this bag (Skagen Eric Messenger: $USD 345), which I like but am unsure on the brand and value. This Moleskine messenger bag is also very nice, but unfortunately it is black polyurethane and not leather (not even faux leather), and it is of dubious quality according to various reviews.It should be able to fit a thin 13″ laptop, a pair of glasses, some sunscreen, and maybe some other small miscellaneous items. It doesn’t need to be massive, to carry around tonnes of textbooks or anything like that.My budget is not set, I’d prefer to get something that is sturdy and long-lasting over some cheap Chinese job. I’ll trust you to make a judgement on what is the best bag at a good price.Thanks for any suggestions.inb4hahamanbagmurseudirtyhipster
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